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The background colour of this sign red. The background colour of this sign is yellow.

This sign contains a international standard biological hazard symbol. A plain trefoil, which has three circles overlapping each other equally in black on a yellow warning triangle with a black border.

This sign contains a do not touch symbol - hand in black with red prohibition circle crossed through with diagonal line.

This product contains a keep 2 metres apart symbol.

Sign Text: Caution We have the following social distancing measures in force to protect customers visitors and staff from virus transmission. Protect yourself and others To reduce the spread of infection please wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitiser if available prior to entering these premises. Keep your distance if possible Please don't be offended if other people try to maintain a 2m gap as the recommended social distancing measure. Avoid touching surfaces and products unless absolutely necessary 

Product Type:  Advice Safety Signs 
Dimensions: 20cm x 30cm or 40cm x 60cm
Material: See Options
Orientation: N/A

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This product is a Health and Safety Sign. Health and Safety Signs use standard colours and symbols to convey a safety warning or message. This product is a warning sign. These signs warn you of a hazard or danger.